The greeting from Mayor Antonio Miatto

We are ready to kick off, with great satisfaction, the 33rd edition of the Violin Competition that bears the name of our city.

This is its second international edition and it has required a great organizational commitment that we have faced with enthusiasm, passion and conviction because this musical event, which was born in 1962, has always been able to carry the name of Vittorio Veneto high. Indeed, our city has, over the years welcomed generations of young violinists, many of whom, starting from here, have embarked on a brilliant concert career.

This year, for the second time, the Violin Competition "City of Vittorio Veneto" International Prosecco DOC Prize will be open to young violinists from European Union countries. In fact, this is what the distinctive logo of the Competition refers to, which, with the strength of its graphic sign, expresses the sense of internationality while at the same time communicating a message of peace and hope.

We are aware that music has the power to improve our lives, unite peoples, and foster harmony and peace; also the new image created for this edition by Riccardo Guasco, an internationally renowned Italian illustrator and graphic designer, effectively refers to these concepts.

Here then is a male violinist and two female violinists with simplified lines who, shouldering their instruments, develop a dynamic vertical composition that is fresh and chromatically vibrant. An intersection of shapes in movement that finds its conclusion in the symbol of our city: the Winged Victory. And this is precisely where the notes come from, because Vittorio Veneto is a City of Music!

I would like to thank all those who, in various ways, have contributed to this edition of the competition. Now we will await the young violinists, welcome them with joy and wish them the success they deserve.
Antonio Miatto

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