10 February 2021

The 32nd City of Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition and the 54th edition of the ''Trofei «City of Vittorio Veneto»” choral contest are both postponed to next Autumn

The choral competition ''Trofei «City of Vittorio Veneto»”, now in its 54th edition, follows the same planning as the other important city music competition, reserved for young violinists: it will in fact be postponed to next Autumn.

According to the postponement, a measure taken last December, it was established that the violin competition should take place from 28 September to 3 October 2021.

Also in October, and precisely on the weekend between 23 and 24, the choral competition will also be held, thus transforming the Autumn of Vittorio Veneto into a real "music season" in order to strengthen the role and image of the city in this particular artistic sector. 

The decision to postpone also the choral competition is unfortunately inevitable and a direct consequence of the difficulties connected to the pandemic in progress. «As is well known - explains the Councilor for Culture Antonella Uliana - the 54th edition scheduled for May 2020, had already been canceled last year due to the Covid emergency. The persistence of the state of crisis, for the majority of Italian choral ensembles, has resulted in the suspension of rehearsals in presence and, therefore, the inability to prepare adequately for singing competitions. We are confident that the next months will give the choirs the opportunity to properly prepare for the autumn appointment in Vittorio Veneto».

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