09 September 2021

The word to the Jury of the Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition

The Jury of the 32nd Violin Competition City of Vittorio Veneto Prosecco DOC International Prize will be composed of well-known exponents on the international music stage.

In fact, the jury will be chaired by Ernesto SCHIAVI, artistic director of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra; by the artistic director of the Competition, Francesco DE ANGELIS, solo violin and Konzertmeister of the Teatro alla Scala and of the Filarmonica della Scala; by David COLEMAN, British conductor and composer active all over the world; Latica HONDA-ROSENBERG, German violinist and silver medalist at the "Tchaikovsky" Competition in Moscow in 1998; Silvia MARCOVICI, Romanian violinist with active collaborations with the best Western orchestras; finally Stefano DA ROS, composer and responsible for the artistic coordination of the Competition, as jury secretary.

Francesco DE ANGELIS tells us: «The most intense moment varies from competitor to competitor.

There are those who are sick before the performance, those during and there are also those who can't wait to get on stage.

I was very stressed by the tension of the other competitors before the competition, so I would go away and go over my songs in solitude. I remember a few minutes before a final I told my mother who she was there with me:I don't feel like it, I'm not quite ready". She answered me serenely: “Do what you feel like doing, it doesn't matter." But when it was my turn, she literally pushed me into the room! When I heard the applause, I went up on stage to play and everything went well

DE ANGELIS continues about his winning participation in the 1993 edition of the Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition:«When I participated in the Vittorio Veneto Competition in 1993, as well as years before in the 3 editions for students, I have always felt a great respect for the profession of the musician at all organizational levels of the event. I felt people understood my choice to study music, to be a violinist. I found confirmation that I had done something special and therefore a right choice

Finally, DE ANGELIS notes the usefulness for young people to participate in these competitions: «I believe that all the moments of exhibition are useful for the future career of a young artist.

The stage is a "monster" with which one must learn to fight from a very young age because only with the experience of multiple performances can one hope to overcome fear. And competing, simply, offers the possibility of understanding one's own means thanks to direct comparison

Ernesto SCHIAVI, President of the Jury of the Violin Competition, underlines: «IIn this historical period, after the dramas we have experienced, events such as the Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition play an important role because they are signs of rebirth, creativity, strength

SCHIAVI, about the competitors who will perform in Vittorio Veneto from 27 September, says: «A classical musician is both an artist and a craftsman, given the common Latin origin of the two terms, namely "Ars", skill. And here in the competition it will be the ability of the competitors that will be under scrutiny. In fact, I expect from them to be prepared, but also the tension that comes from the desire to succeed. I also think that disappointment and joy are equally unforgettable sensations, because they are essential for a young person who wants to experience the splendid world of music».

The Violin Competition City of Vittorio Veneto Prosecco DOC International Prize (o Award?) will take place at the Lorenzo Da Ponte Theater from Monday 27 September to Saturday 2 October, 2021, the day dedicated to the final with the presence of the Orchestra of the Accademia della Scala in Milan.

On SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 26, at 8.30 pm, there will also be an inaugural concert with an exceptional trio composed by the artistic director Francesco De Angelis on the violin, Monica Cattarossi on the piano and Enrico Dindo on the cello.

Admission to all events will be possible with MANDATORY booking to be made at the IAT Vittorio Veneto - Info: 0438 57243 - iat@comune.vittorio-veneto.tv.it

All the events will be broadcast live on the web on:

32nd Violin Competition City of Vittorio Veneto
Prosecco DOC International Prize
27th September - 2nd October 2021
Vittorio Veneto (TV), Veneto, Italy

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