Competition rules

Vittorio Veneto (Italy), 27th September - 2nd October 2021
Update 2021


Art. 1 - The Competition is open to violinists with citizenship of one of the member states of the European Union, born not before January 1, 1994.


Art. 2 - The application form, with its annexes, must be done by 20th May 2021 through the form on the website:

Applications made after this date will not be accepted, the documentation will not be returned and the entry fee will not be refunded. Applications received without a copy of the receipt demonstrating the registration fee payment will be considered invalid.
Registration already made by candidates within the terms set by the first version of the regulation (deadline 20th October 2020) remains valid. The Competition Secretariat will inform each participant of the correctness of the application.
UK citizen applicants who have submitted their application by 20th October 2020 keep the right to participate in the Competition (if the application is regular). At this stage, however, due to the legal effects of Brexit, applications for registration from UK citizens can no longer be accepted.

Applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • a receipt demonstrating payment of the registration fee of € 50,00, payable by Bank transfer to: Unicredit Banca Spa, Filiale di Vittorio Veneto
    • Vittorio Veneto Municipal Treasury
    • IBAN: IT 19 K 02008 62196 000103516350
    • Codice ente: 389400 - Codice BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1UV4
    • Payments should indicate the following reason for the transfer: “Registration for the 32nd Violin Competition”
  • a photocopy of a valid identity document (in the case of competitors under 18 years of age, please a photocopy of the identity document of the parent signing the application form)
  • a curriculum vitae (maximum one page in A4 format)
  • color photograph of the competitor


Art. 3 - Admission is decided by the Artistic Director on the basis of compliance with the execution program, after the Municipal Offices have verified that the documentation submitted meets the necessary requirements. Candidates who are related to members of the Jury will not be admitted to the Competition. Applications from candidates who, after requests for clarification, modifications or additions by the Competition Secretariat, do not complete their documentation by 31st May 2021 at the latest, will be considered null and void. No exceptions will be allowed. By signing the application form, each candidate undertakes to accept these regulations and to waive all rights relating to any audio recordings or television filming.

Please inform us, also by e-mail (, if you decide to withdraw.

Art. 4 - If the number of applications for admission is higher than the number of competitors allowed to perform during the three days of the preliminary round, the Competition Organization reserves the right to close the entries before the date of 20th May 2021. In this case, the applications received (meeting the stated requirements, and complete with all the required attachments and the receipt of the payment of the registration fee) will be accepted according to their order of arrival: the date and time of the registration email and the number of the incoming protocol from the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto will be considered as proof of when the applications were filed.

Any non-admission (for irregularity or incompleteness of the application, or because the competitor is overfilled) will be promptly communicated by e-mail to the address indicated by the competitor in the application.

In case of non-admission due to the high number of applications received (rather than due to irregularities), the candidate will be refunded the registration fee.

Execution Programs

Art. 5 - For the FIRST TEST (preliminary), the below program should be performed in the following order.

a) The first movement (with cadence) of a Concerto for violin and orchestra by W.A. Mozart, with piano accompaniment, chosen by the candidate. The candidate may choose from the following Concertos: KV 216 in G major, KV 218 in D major, KV 219 in A major. For this performance, the competitor must only use the official pianist made available by the competition (see, in this regard, also art. 8 below).


b) one of the 24 Capricci in the study former for violin by J.P. Rode, chosen by the competitor from the following list: nos. 4, 5, 11, 19, 24;

and one of the 24 Violin Studies and Whims op. 35 by J. Dont, chosen by the competitor among from the following list: nos. 4, 12, 14, 18, 22.


c) third and fourth movement of one of the three Solo Violin Sonatas (BWV 1001, 1003, 1005) by J.S. Bach, at the chosen by the competitor from the following:

  • Sonata I – Siciliana e Presto
  • Sonata II – Andante e Allegro
  • Sonata III – Largo e Allegro assai

Art. 6 - For the SECOND TEST (semi-final) the following program is required, in the order of performance chosen by the competitor.

a) A Piano and Violin Sonata chosen by the candidate from the following list:

  • L. van Beethoven
    • Sonata n. 6 in la maggiore op. 30 n. 1
    • Sonata n. 7 in do minore op. 30 n. 2
    • Sonata n. 8 in sol maggiorne op. 30 n. 3
  • J. Brahms
    • Sonata n. 1 in sol maggiore op. 78
    • Sonata n. 2 in la maggiore op. 100
    • Sonata n. 3 in re minore op. 108

(b) One of the following compositions, chosen by the candidate:

  • P. De Sarasate Introduzione e Tarantella
  • N. Paganini I Palpiti (no edizione Kreisler)
  • M. Ravel Tzigane
  • C. Saint Saens Introduzione e rondò capriccioso
  • P.I. Tchaikowsky Valse-scherzo
  • F. Waxman Carmen Fantasy
  • H. Wieniawski Polacca in re magg.
  • E. Ysaye Sonata op. 27 n. 3
  • E. Ysaye Sonata op. 27 n. 6

c) Amoroso cantabile by David Coleman, unpublished piece for solo violin composed on commission from the Competition. The score can be downloaded from the competition website.

Art. 7 - For the THIRD TEST (final with orchestra), the candidate must give a complete performance of one of the following concerts, chosen by the candidate:

  • L. van Beethoven Concerto in re magg. op. 61
  • F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Concerto in mi min. op. 64
  • J. Brahms Concerto in re magg. op. 77
  • J. Sibelius Concerto in re min. op. 47
  • P.I. Tchaikowsky Concerto in re magg. op. 35

The final rehearsal will be conducted with the collaboration of the Orchestra of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala of Milan, conducted by David Coleman.

Official Pianists

Art. 8 - For each competitor admitted, the Organizer will provide one of the two official pianists of the Competition.

For par condicio, in the FIRST TEST the competitors:

  • may not collaborate with their own pianist;
  • may not rehearse the 1st movement of the Mozart Concert with the official pianist assigned to them before the preliminary round.

For the SECOND TEST (Thursday 30th Septmeber 2021) the competitor may use his or her own pianist. Otherwise, the competitor admitted to the semifinal round will be assigned an official pianist with whom he or she will be able to rehearse the pieces with piano for no more than 50 minutes. The venue and time of the rehearsals with the pianists will be communicated to the semi-finalists immediately after the results of the first round (on the evening of Wednesday 29th September 2021).

General information

Art. 9 - The Commission may also listen to part of the programme submitted.

In the second round (semi-final) the performance of any refrains of the Sonata for violin and piano will be agreed with the Jury immediately after the publication of the result of the preliminary round (on the evening of Wednesday 29th September 2021). A performance by heart in the final rehearsal is preferrable. Candidates who, in the event of admission to the final test, choose to perform the concert with the sheet music (not by heart) are required to notify the Jury immediately after the publication of the result of admission to the semi-final test.

Calendar and rehearsal place

Art. 10 - The Competition will take place in Vittorio Veneto (TV - Italy) from 27th September to 2nd October 2021, with the following calendar:


  • Monday 27th September (competitors whose surnames have the initials A-G/H) *
  • Thurdsay 28th September (competitors whose surnames have the initials H/I-N/O) *
  • Wednesday 29th September (competitors whose surnames have the initials O/P-Z) *

* Indicative distribution: the daily placement of competitors will depend on the overall distribution of the initials of the surnames of the competitors admitted to the Competition.

Thursday 30th September

Saturday 2nd October at 5:00 p.m.

By June 10th, 2021 the final calendar (with indication of locations, dates, times) will be communicated to all admitted competitors via e-mail sent to the address indicated by the competitor in the application. It will also be published on the website of the competition.

Candidates who are late in the first or second round (with respect to the call-up time) may be heard at the end of the session, so long as the reasons for the delay are considered valid by the Organizer and this does not lead to an excessive delay in subsequent hearings.

On Friday 1st October 2021 the three competitors admitted to the final round will perform the rehearsal with the orchestra in the venue and according to the timetable that will be released in September. The trip Vittorio Veneto - Milan and back will take place on the same day and will be charged to the Competition Organization.

In the early afternoon of Saturday 2nd October at the Teatro “Lorenzo Da Ponte” in Vittorio Veneto, the three finalists will carry out the settling test with the orchestra.


Art. 11 - Before starting the trials, competitors must present a valid identity document to the secretarial staff.


Art. 12 - Competitors admitted to the final round will be provided overnight accommodation (and breakfast) on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd October 2020, in a hotel in Vittorio Veneto chosen by the Competition Organization.

Art. 13 - The organization declines any responsibility in case of theft, damages and accidents to people and things that may occur during the trip or during the Competition.


Art. 14 - The Jury will be presided over by Ernesto Schiavi and include the masters David Coleman, Francesco De Angelis, Latica Honda-Rosenberg and Silvia Marcovici.

Art. 15 - The judgement of the Jury, which will be made public at the end of each phase of the Competition, is final and unquestionable. In the event that a competitor has or has had in the past two years an ongoing educational relationship with a member of the Jury, the latter shall not take part in the evaluation of that competitor. In this case the evaluation is to be carried out by the other four members of the Jury. If the Chairman of the Jury is required to abstain, this role will be temporarily performed by the oldest member of the Jury. In the event of a tie, the vote of the person who presides at that time shall prevail.

Admission to the final

Art. 16 - A maximum of 3 (three) competitors will be admitted to the final rehearsal with the Orchestra of the Accademia Teatro alla Scala of Milan, which will take place on Saturday 2nd October 2021 at 5:00 p.m. at the Teatro “Lorenzo Da Ponte” in Vittorio Veneto.

Awards and scholarships

Art. 17 - The Jury assigns the prizes and scholarships listed below in this article.

1st “PROSECCO DOC” PRIZE of € 8.000,00 offered by Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC.

2nd PRIZE of € 5,000.00 offered by the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto

3rd PRIZE of € 2.000,00 offered by the Lions Club of Vittorio Veneto

The master luthier Lorenzo Rossi of Milan offers the Competition, as a special prize, his precious violin worth € 18,000 built specifically for the 2021 edition. This instrument will be awarded to one of the three finalists at the discretion of the Jury.

Scholarship of € 750,00 offered by Rotary Club Conegliano Vittorio Veneto to the competitor in the first round with the best interpretation of Mozart

Scholarship of € 750,00 offered by Rotary Club Conegliano Vittorio Veneto to the competitor in the first round with the best interpretation of J.S. Bach

Scholarship of € 750,00 offered by Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC to the competitor in the second round with the best interpretation of Beethoven’s or Brahms’ Sonata.

Scholarship of € 750,00 offered by Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC to the competitor in the second round with the best interpretation of David Coleman’s Amoroso cantabile

Scholarship of € 750,00 offered by Consorzio di Tutela del Prosecco DOC to the youngest semi-finalist.

Scholarship of € 750,00 offered by the Rotary Club Conegliano Vittorio Veneto to the best duo who performed in the second round (competitor with their own pianist).

Scholarship “Mario Benvenuti” of € 750,00 offered by the Benvenuti Family - in memory of the Founding Master of the National Violin Competition of Vittorio Veneto and the collateral National Review for stringed instruments - to the youngest finalist competitor.

All the above amounts are gross of withholding tax.

Prize concerts

Art. 18 - The winner of the 1st prize will also win the prize concerts offered by the following Foundations, Institutions and Associations:

  • La Scala Theatre of Milan
  • Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia
  • Municipal Theatre “Mario Del Monaco” of Treviso
  • New Chamber Orchestra “Ferruccio Busoni” of Trieste (concert with the Orchestra)
  • Camerata Vallese - Sion String Orchestra (CH) (concert with the Orchestra)
  • Conservatory of Music “Steffani” of Castelfranco Veneto (TV)
  • Conservatory of Music “Pedrollo” of Vicenza
  • Circolo Culturale Bellunese - Belluno

Moreover, the Association “Ad libitum” of Conegliano, in collaboration with the Liceo musicale “Marconi” of Conegliano, offers the winner of the 1st prize the possibility to hold a Masterclass addressed to the students of the Italian Music High Schools and Conservatories.

General rules on awards

Art. 19 – First prize is indivisible.

Art. 20 - With regard to the awarding of the second and third prizes, in the event that more than one competitor is classified as being of equal merit, any cash prizes that have so far not been awarded will be divided equally among the equal competitors.

Art. 21 - The Jury has the right to indicate one or more candidates considered particularly deservin, to be invited to give concerts in Italy and abroad; it also has the right to award diplomas of merit to competitors who have not received awardd, but have particularly distinguished themselves.

Art. 22 - Those who intend to publicize the result they achieved in the competition are required to mention in a correct and truthful way the prizes obtained, scrupulously following the official decisions of the Jury. Any abuse will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Final rules

Art. 23 - The Organizer of the Competition reserves the right to make any changes to these regulations or to revoke the Competitio, if necessary due to force majeure.

Art. 24 - The Organizer of the Competition reserves the right to record, also for radio, television, recording and broadcasting purposes, both in Italy and abroad, the music performed during the competitions, without paying any compensation to the participants. Competitors also waive any compensation for any recordings or transmissions made by public or private radio and television broadcasters.

Art. 25 - Personal data will be treated in full compliance with EU Regulation 679/2016 and Legislative Decree 196/2003 and

Art. 26 - Registration for the Competition implies full and unconditional acceptance of these regulations. In the event of disputes, the Italian text of the regulations published on the website of the Municipality of Vittorio Veneto shall prevail.

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