Mario Benvenuti the founder of the competition

Mario Benvenuti (1915-1995), creator and coordinator of the competition, was the component of the "Quintetto Chigiano", the "Sestetto Chigiano" and the "Virtuosi di Roma"

He graduated in violin in 1935 and in viola in 1936 at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Venice. He began his career as a soloist and in a duo with his brother Arnaldo (pianist and composer, who died prematurely in 1942). He studied at the Accademia di Santa Cecilia and Rome and subsequently at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. In 1939, with the encouragement of Count Chigi Saracini, the Quintetto Chigiano* was born, which an intense concert activity will bring to an international fame of great importance. In the mid-1950s Mario Benvenuti left the Quintet to join the Collegium Musicum Italicum (later Virtuosi of Rome) chamber orchestra conducted by Renato Fasano. In 1966 the Sestetto Chigiano ** was born, which - through a meticulous and passionate research and study - will make known in Europe and America a repertoire that ranges from the late seventeenth century to contemporary authors such as Martinu and Malipiero.

Alongside the concert career there is - in a constant and non-residual way - the teaching activity, initially at the Conservatory of Pesaro and then - until retirement - at the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory of Venice: An absolute commitment, characterized by the tension to enhance the skills and different personalities of his students.

* Violins: Riccardo Brengola and Mario Benvenuti; Viola: Giovanni Leone; Cello: Lino Filippini; Piano: Sergio Lorenzi.

** Violins: Riccardo Brengola, Giovanni Guglielmo (first winner of the National Competition of Vittorio Veneto) / Felice Cusano; Violas: Mario Benvenuti and Tito Riccardi; Cellos: Adriano Vendramelli and Alain Meunier.

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