23 June 2020

A new vision, a new beginning

The city of Vittorio Veneto has decided to resume organizing the Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition, after a few years in which it did not take place.

This is going to be the 32nd edition and for the first time it will open to young violinists under 27 years old, from all Europe.

For this reason, this is going to be an important new beginning, a cultural and international relaunch of a music event that was born in 1962 and that over time has hosted in Vittorio Veneto generations of young violinists, many of whom have started their successful careers as concert performers especially thanks to the Vittorio Veneto Violin Competition.

The desire of a new beginning is represented, ideally, by the new logo that Vittorio Veneto has decided to adopt, in order to identify the Violin Competition: two doves that are flying lightly, as a symbol of peace. The fact that the flying doves are two, suggests the idea of a meeting between nations, cultures, ideas and dreams. Their silhouettes contribute to creating, on the blue sky of Europe, the perceivable but not prevalent shape of a violin, which proclaims the strength of a new, elegant and powerfully hopeful graphic symbol.

It is the aim of the distinctive trademark of the Violin Competition to collect and relaunch to Europe the heritage of the 2018 anniversary of the end of the Great War, when Vittorio Veneto was the protagonist of a great commemoration and rework of its memory, at whose end Vittorio Veneto was not only the “City of Victory” but especially the “City of Peace”.

Music has the power to lighten our lives, to bind populations, to foster understanding and peace. We will therefore be welcoming with joy the young violinists who would like to come here, in our Vittorio Veneto, the City of Peace, to make the strings of their instruments vibrate, in the name of music.

Antonio Miatto
Major of Vittorio Veneto – Chairman of the Music Competition

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